5 ideas for unique photography

Bored with the same old portraits? Love landscapes and local photography but running out of ideas? Fear not, we're here to help!

We've put together a list of ideas to inspire your next canvas print...

  1. Love local history - there are snippets of the past in every town, village or city, you just have to find them. Why not take some pictures of yesterdays today by capturing an historic building or old cobbled street, then print it in sepia or black and white? You can even choose to use these effects on just the older element of your photo, keeping the rest in colour so you can clearly see the juxtaposition of the old against the new.

  2. Take a chance - you may not be a hipster, but from the hip shots can leave you with some awesome and unusual images! Hold your camera by your waist, angled slightly upwards, and shoot away - then explore the pictures on your PC when you get home to see what unusual images you’ve managed to take.

  3. Sculptures - browse online and locate a sculpture park or woodland sculpture trail nearby. Head out alone for a day of photography or take the family and get them to pose with the sculptures for some really interesting portraits

  4. Hide and seek - find a local nature reserve, pack a flask of hot drink and bed down in a bird hide for a morning or afternoon. It's the perfect way to enjoy nature and capture stunning images of birds and other wildlife, because they won’t know you’re there so they can go about their business without being disturbed.

  5. Food for thought - local markets and food fairs offer some stunning displays that can be a great source of images for your kitchen or dining area. Plus you can eat as your shoot - a lovely way to spend the day!

One of the tricks to fab photography is to open your mind and see opportunities in everyday things. These are just a few ideas, but it's worth keeping a camera with you as often as possible, because you never know when that perfect image is going to leap out at you.

It's also worth signing up to local listings websites and online 'what's on' guides. This will keep you in touch with nearby events that could bring some unusual photography ideas, as well as give you some great days out too. From car rallies, marathons, scarecrow festivals, fetes and brewery tours, you never know what's going to come up that will inspire you and your photography.