The benefits of choosing canvas prints

Canvas has been used for artistic purposes for centuries; its strong, hard wearing, natural qualities have also made it a common material for many other uses too. Originally made from hemp, modern canvas is generally created from linen or cotton and comes in a variety of weights and grades.

One benefit of using canvas for displaying prints, rather than traditional photographs and frames is its texture. There is something pleasantly tactile about the texture of a canvas print, adding another dimension to an otherwise ‘flat’ picture. Canvas has traditionally been used for oil paintings, and when used for a photographic print, it gives that gorgeous feel of an oil painting. The light reflects differently off canvas to photographic paper which adds to the more sophisticated feel it presents and it doesn't give off any glare like you get with photos or glass-fronted frames. This means that an inexpensive print can look and feel much more extravagant, making your investment even better value for money.

Bring your picture to life

Because our canvas prints are stretched onto beautiful pine frames, there is a 3D quality that sets your image out from the wall it's mounted on. This really brings your print to life, making it more noticeable and adding impact to the overall effect. Canvas prints are much more ornamental in that respect and also have another advantage - no more agonising over which expensive photo frames to choose, or trying to match a frame with a photo, with the rest of your decor or even with other frame styles! Canvas prints are simple yet very effective - what more could you ask for?!

Another benefit of choosing a canvas print rather than a photo is size. Photographic prints only translate well up to a certain scale - once you go much beyond A4, a photo can look a little bleak in its frame and the quality can suffer. A canvas print offers much more flexibility when it comes to choosing your preferred dimensions - you can print a photo on canvas up to quite significant sizes and it will still look great. They're also much lighter than framed images so they are easier to hang and don't take so much securing. You can also choose to split an image over several canvases if you wish, which is a flexibility you don't get with other types of pictures.

Photos on large canvases also work much better than their traditional print counterparts in more public environments, such as in the workplace where you may have a heavy footfall of visitors. They look more like legitimate pieces of art on this format, which allows you to have a picture that means a lot to you on display which could otherwise look a little too personal in this setting.

We're obviously big fans of canvas prints and always ensure that every canvas that leaves our store is of the highest possible quality. We're always happy to offer our advice and help you with sizing and details if required to make sure that you get the finished product that you want.