Canvas printing ideas for 2015

Now the holidays are over and everyone’s back at work, our thoughts are turning to the coming year and what we can do to enrich your lives when it comes to all things canvas!

Over the past few years we’ve seen a real turnaround in printing trends, with more people now looking to have their own personalised canvas prints produced, as an alternative to buying mass-market stock images. The main benefit of having your own photo printed onto canvas is that you know you’re getting a 100% original – you’ll never see another one the same and it has your personality stamped all over it!

Learning to take amazing photographs

Of course the main thing to consider if you fancy printing your own self-captured pictures is the quality of the images you’re choosing. While some manipulation can be done to the base image, you need a good grounding in the first place if your canvas is going to look professional. With this in mind, we’ve decided that one of the primary focuses on our blog this year is going to be teaching you some simple but effective photography tips. We’ve already posted quite a few over the past 12 months, but we’re going all-out this year, so amateur photographers have a fabulous resource where they can find loads of helpful hints and advice all in one convenient place.

Of course, we’ll still be mixing it up a bit, offering some inspirational ideas that will help you decide what kind of print is right for you and how you can use your photos creatively or for gorgeous gifts too – variety is the spice of life after all!

Ring out the resolutions!

So, before we head off to collate a collection of invaluable photography guides to help you polish your skills behind the lens, we’ve got one innovative print idea to share with you...

The start of a new year usually brings with it a bunch of promises – ones that we make to ourselves in the form of resolutions. The problem is that life soon settles down back into your pre-Christmas routine, and with the best will in the world, all of those good intentions can soon get forgotten.

So what’s the trick to remembering your resolutions? Print them out and stick them to the wall of course! However, you don’t just want a small scrap of paper that will get tatty over time – instead, take 20 minutes to type them all out into a Word document on your computer, or into your favourite software programme, and play around with fonts and colours until your resolutions are looking as good as they’re designed to make you feel! Then send them over to us and we’ll print them out onto your chosen canvas size, ready for you to display somewhere in your home (or office) where you’ll see them regularly – now you have no more excuses for forgetting your plans!

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