Google Picasa collage image

Take a look at how Picasa works in this video tutorial of Google Picasa

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We’re going to give you an inside tip that other companies don’t want you to know about! We came across this free download to create stunning collages from your very own photos. Picasa is a free download from Google that allows you to add multiple images to a single image allowing you to create a collage or montage in less than a few minutes. This is a great piece of software that people of all ages will understand how to use its simple and intuitive and allows the user to create a bespoke collage of all their favourite photos. Other companies charge hefty artwork fees to create these for you in Yourimage2canvas case they give you the option to do this yourself and there is nothing more satisfying than a collage of you, friends family, pets or memorable places. With Picasa you are limitless to the amount of images you can use, No longer to you have to be tide back with a decision on which image you want to use now you can have them all. Simply download the FREE program from Google and get creative. After you have created your artwork, why not upload your image to Yourimage2canvas to have it transferred to canvas. Canvas collage prints make great presents at an even better price now that you have inside knowledge of how to create collages yourself! But Shhh it’s a secret are competitors don’t want you to know about.