Fun perspective shots


We talk a lot on this blog about how to improve all aspects of your photography, but sometimes all you really want to do is play! This week we’re going to encourage you to mess around with perspective with these fun shots. All you need is any kind of camera, a few friends and a sense of humour. 


The resulting images are real eye-catchers, and would make a fantastic canvas print for a hallway or bathroom.


Lifting up the moon


This is a great shot to try at full moon, so check online for your local moon diary. You’ll need a willing accomplice as crazy as you, a clear shot of the moon and a hill. Okay, got all that? Let’s go! The idea is to give the impression that your subject is holding the moon up on their shoulders like Atlas holds up the world. It might require a few takes to get this right, but when you do and it’s very effective.


Crush your friends!


Ever wanted to feel like a giant? Well, with this shot you can! The idea is to create the illusion that your enormous foot is stamping on your teeny tiny little friends using the power of perspective.


This will work with just two of you, but it’s fiddly because you’ll need to use a tripod, timer and plenty of trial and error, so grab a few mates if you can. Set a couple of friends up about 30-40 feet from the lens – any distance that makes them look small in the frame, but big enough to see – then get down nice and low to the ground. Now ask your ‘giant’ to bring his or her foot down between you and their victims, but only a few feet in front of the camera. This works better if you have a couple of 'little people' so that they can interact for the camera.


Just hanging around


For this shot you’ll need a couple of friends, a street with wall and a post of some kind – it works better if there are no visible cars too. Ask one of your friends to lay down on the pavement with their arms around the post and legs pointing to the wall – that’s the easy job! Your other accomplice has to lie on their back with their legs crossed up the wall. You then shoot side on creating the illusion that the wall is the ground and your friend is hanging from the post.


Now you’ve got the idea you can let your imagination go wild. We’d love to hear in the comments how you got on with these shots or even see some of your own examples. It would make our day to see some of these appear in our lab ready to be printed to canvas too!