Garden photography

We've talked a lot in previous posts about getting out and about and exploring new places, in order to inspire some great photos for printing onto canvas. However, with sunshine in abundance this summer and all the creature comforts of home, why not just hang out in your garden instead?

If you're on a tight budget or just want to avoid the crowds, there are plenty of opportunities to be had in your own outside space - especially if you're looking for photos of your little ones. Here are a few ideas for props which will help you capture some great shots while also keeping the kids amused.

Paddling pool – perfect for high energy shots; fill a small inflatable pool with some toys and stick the kids in. You can sit on the grass beside them, getting down to their level, while they play and splash around - though you'll need to be careful to keep your camera dry! Most kids love water play, so you'll get sunshine and smiling faces - and if you snap at the right time, you'll get glimmering drops of water to add some extra interest to the finished print too.

Sandpits – playing in sand is another firm favourite with children and you don't need to head to the beach if you have a sandpit at home. Let their imagination run riot with a sandcastle building competition and if you're clever with your angles (or post production cropping) you could even take a photo that convinces the casual observer that they actually are at the seaside.

Ball pools – a great idea if you want a really colourful canvas print of the kids. Just chuck them in and sit back with a refreshing drink while they throw the balls around. Take random snaps and check through the spoils of your 'hard work' once they’re in bed!

Slides, swings and climbing frames – no need to walk to the park if you have this kind of equipment at home! Perch at the bottom of the slide and take some shots as they head your way, or stand (a safe distance) in front of the swings and capture their little faces as they light up with delight.

Water slides – well priced but hours of fun in the sun, this is another brilliant way to keep them happy and get some amazing action shots. You can even have a go too once you've finished your David Bailey impression!

Gardening – get the kids involved in potting or planting flowers, veg or shrubs. Not quite as high energy as our other suggestions, but educational and also a wonderful way to get pictures of their cute faces absorbed in concentration - and your garden will look even nicer for the next time you decide to take photos in it!

Remember that beautiful canvas prints don't have to be of photos taken on wild adventures in far off places. Taking pictures at home adds a really personal touch and your kids are on familiar ground too, making them much more relaxed subjects.