Sky inspired canvas ideas

When it comes to choosing an image to print on to canvas, most people stick to the tried and tested formats: their family and children, landscapes, pets, etc – but this week we’re going to make a suggestion that you might not have considered, that looks absolutely amazing when printed really large. What is it? Well, step outside on a clear night, look up and tell us what you see...

Starry, starry night

We don’t know about you, but we’re inspired by the beauty of the night sky. Take a look up on a clear night away from the light pollution of civilisation and the view is breath-taking. We’re amazed that more people don’t consider printing this on canvas, because it’s a perfect fit for a bedroom wall. Just take a look at these images that we found on available for download for one single dollar! Any of these skyscapes would look stellar printed large on a bedroom wall, and they’re just a small selection of those available.

What about the moon?

Beautiful images of the stars are one thing, but what if you’re a moon lover? We’re very lucky to have such an amazing moon in close orbit to our home and when you include it in a photo of the night sky it can create something really special. This selection of photos from the above stock site shows you just how spectacular a good moon shot can be.

We love the image of the phases of the moon, which proves that a really good composite can be spectacular. Can you imagine how good these would look printed on a massive canvas on your bedroom wall?

The sky’s the limit

The images we’ve shown you today are just a small sample of what’s available on stock photography sites, so don’t feel limited when searching for night sky-inspired photos for your wall. In our search we found some really delightful shots of the moon and stars over the sea, over lakes and trees, and even composites involving people sitting on hilltops or meditating – the sky really is the limit!

If you fancy having a go at this kind of photography yourself, watch out on our blog because we plan to write a tutorial on astrophotography in the near future. But in the meantime, this is a great way to bring the magic and tranquillity of a starry night right into your home.