Over the past few years we have seen the increase in “Social Media Networks” such as; Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Flicker, WordPress and the list goes on….

These social media sites are a great way of communication in this modern world and a fantastic means to which we can share our lives and memories with family and friends across the globe.

Facebook reported in 2008 that they had received over 10 billion photo uploads on their site. They state upto 200 million photos are uploaded and shared each day. That’s a lot of memories!

With this in mind it seems that these social media sites are the modern day photo albums. Gone are the day’s where we put our photos in books and store in cupboards for years. We now store them on huge servers somewhere in cyberspace. Why not start displaying some of these photos on your walls at home or at work in the form of canvas prints? Don’t feel that you’re just limited to having one photo on canvas why not have multiple photos on one canvas print and create a collage of memories that can sit proudly in your home for years to come.

Ultra Print Ltd not only offer a service in transferring your precious photos into stunning canvas prints but you can have multiple images on one canvas, just drop them a line via their website and start making your canvas memory come to life!

(please be aware downloaded photos from sites like facebook may not be good enough quality to print and originals may be required)