Telling a story on canvas

Most people use canvas printing services in order to display their personal photos. These may be from a specific event such as a wedding or holiday, or a portrait of the family or a special someone. Whatever the image chosen, ultimately these prints are used to capture important memories or feelings - but with so many memories to choose from, maybe we need to select a series of pictures instead of just one!

The great thing is that canvas prints come in a wide variety of sizes. If you want to tell a real story, you have 2 main options: to display a collection of smaller prints, or collate the images you want and lay them out over 1 large print.

Creating a personal 'storyboard'

Depending what approach you decide to take, you can create a lovely 'storyboard' of memories quite easily. Here's how...

The first stage is to go through all your stored, digital photos and create a new folder, copying in all the photos you might want to print so they're all in the same place. This selection process will help you to narrow down the best quality images and those that mean the most to you on an emotional level.

If you're planning on choosing a selection of smaller prints, you need to make your final selection, choosing an order of display. For each image, you can also think of a caption which you can overlay on the image. This creates your 'story' - perhaps you want to catalogue important events in your relationship, choosing photos from when you first met, moving on to weekends away, parties and other celebrations, then on to photos of your engagement, wedding, honeymoon and finally, images of your children. This is a lovely way to follow the path of your relationship and show how your family has developed and grown.

If you'd prefer a large canvas, the approach is similar but requires a little more creativity before it's ready for printing. Using Photoshop or a similar software package, create a collage of your photos and lay them out on the screen. You can put them in chronological order and again, if you wish, add text to each image. You can keep the text nice and simple, or start off with 'Once upon a time...' and then literally tell the story in both words and pictures.

This wonderful, keepsake memory could also make a very personal gift for someone. Maybe you could involve other friends and family members and put a storyboard together for someone's wedding anniversary?