Canvas prints - an alternative to traditional wedding photos

Happy couples have been getting married for centuries, and while there are many traditional elements to a wedding that many want to remain the same, others seek the opportunity to try something new - either on the day or for their wedding mementos.

Wedding photography is one of the most important factors on a couple’s wedding day - it provides beautiful, lasting memories that you can refer back to and proudly display in your home. The problem is that depending on the type of decor you have, heavy or ornate photo frames may not be the best way to show off your photos - in fact, for such a special keepsake, do you really want to distract from the image at all?

High quality wedding images

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional wedding photos, then canvas prints could be the answer. With such high quality printing available, you won't lose any of the detail and precision, but you will have much more flexibility.

If you choose canvas for your wedding prints, you can have your photos printed on any size at all. You'll be able to choose different orientations, including custom sized prints and even split images to show a larger image across several separately mounted extracts if you want something really eye-catching. As with regular photo prints, you'll also be able to choose from colour, sepia or stunning black and white images, so you can choose the right feel for the room you're going to display them in. To add a touch of glamour you may also opt for our colour spotting service were we can keep certain items in colour such as the grooms tie or the brides flowers and the rest of the picture is converted to black and white.

Get creative

With canvas wedding photos, you can also be a little more creative too. For a series of images that tell a real story of the day, why not have them all printed on smaller, individual canvasses and then put them on the wall as a kind of 'wedding storyboard'? You can display them in a row across a long hallway, or a larger, panelled design, perhaps 3 x 3 or even more, so visitors can 'read' the story of your big day from left to right, top to bottom. Because canvas wedding photos are such good value, you can really let your imagination run riot and make a fantastic feature without the costs spiralling out of control.

Canvas wedding prints also make great thank you presents for those that helped make your day run smoothly. Mums and dads would treasure a lovely print of the happy couple, or maybe even a nice shot of them all dressed up and smiling together. Parents of the bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys would love a small gift of a picture of their child carrying out this important function and even older bridesmaids themselves might appreciate the gesture.

Remember that we offer a range of options when it comes to the finish and styling of your canvas wedding prints; we can wrap the image around the edges and offer different frame depths too. We can quality check your images and make sure that they are canvas ready - and we’re always happy to offer our advice, so please feel free to contact us about putting your happy wedding memories onto canvas for a long-lasting display solution!