Artist in Bolton launches Cool Canvas project for local community

Artist Oliver Wotherspoon has been sponsored by a major paint company after they heard of his innovative Cool Canvas project in his local community.

The artist, based in Bolton, creates works of art for community buildings such as schools, housing schemes and parks. He says that his canvases reduce vandalism, provide a sense of security for elderly people in the area and inspire young people to be more creative.

After hearing about the Cool Canvases project, Fraser Kirkwood, the managing director of international acrylic paint firm Chroma paints, pledged to provide free paint for Wotherspoon’s project.

Kirkwood explained that he was attracted to the fact that Oliver’s project was artistic but also gave something back to the community. He explained, “Oliver’s projects are excellent and artistically valid. His projects are a bit different. The sentiments behind it, and the way Oliver carries out the projects, are very good.”

The Cool Canvas project has also won a Community Award in the Bolton and Bury Business Awards this year.

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