Ok! Canvas printing is a very delicate process with it all starting with a great quality base canvas to print on. It took the best part of 3 years when we were founded to put the canvas we use these days into production, As most canvas printing companies did at the beginning we used a far cheaper product a poly canvas, this although the print quality was a exceptional was not a true canvas print. After months of testing and going back and forth with our supplier we finally came up with the perfect base canvas. This canvas weighs in at 415gsm and is 100% pure cotton canvas, this really is the pinnacle on the market and is made especially for us in the UK, We can get a cheaper product by shipping in from the India or China but after going out there to research the product we didn’t believe the working environment that we saw some of the people in was acceptable. It’s our morals that brought us back to the UK although it is more expensive we always get the same consistent great quality canvas roll. This canvas is also 100% seedless in bright white and is perfect for canvas printing.


This canvas is exclusive to us, so the only place to get these high quality canvas prints is from Ultra Print. We have been asked to sell this base canvas onto other suppliers but it is this canvas that sets us apart, it took 3 years to get this canvas into production and to get it to the highest quality possible, this canvas stays with us.