When having one of your photos to canvas it is important to remember a few important rules to ensure a great print result. Yourimage2canvas will always check your images before they are sent to print to ensure the quality is going to be good enough. However here are a couple of important things to consider when choosing you photo for printing.

  •  The bigger the file size the better, ideally anything over 500kb for the smaller sized prints upto 20x16 and anything over 1mb for the medium prints and for the larger prints a jpeg size over 2mb is advised. That way the image shouldn’t drop in quality when enlarged.


  •  Choose a vibrant / light image. Dark detailed areas on images can sometimes prove difficult to determine once printed on canvas. So if your image is quite dark be aware that this will replicate slightly darker on canvas. This is simply due to the media and not the printing process. If you feel your image is a little dark just ask yourimage2canvas in the comments section to brighten it for you.


  •  If you have detail close to the edge of the photo you are wanting printed on canvas, be aware that if you select a gallery wrap some of this detail would be lost around the edges. It might be best to have the edges mirrored or left plain to ensure no detail is lost from the front of the canvas print.

These are the main points to consider, but if you have any issues and would like to discuss one of your photos to canvas just contact the sales team at yourimage2canvas, who are always willing to help you through the order process