Customers often ask us how they should choose between the images they have to turn to canvas prints. People have said they find it hard to choose from many pictures available to find the exact one they want. The canvas print could be hung on a wall for years to come, so it's important to choose the right image.

We often advise customers to choose the one that jumps out at you, that sounds simple but generally there's always one that just looks perfect. The first choice is usually the best one to make, the one that you first see and just think wow!

People often can't decide and then get more than one canvas print done. They may chose a line of three canvas prints that sit side by side, maybe one of a child laughing in three different shots creating a great time line montage effect made of canvas prints! Remember that the canvas print will be the centre of a room for years to come, so choose your image wisely. You've got plenty of time to find that perfect picture, so don't just rush into it, choose a photo that means something to you, as it could be there a long time....

We can’t say this enough to our clients, although canvas prints are very reasonably priced in comparison to other art formats when you choose your image make sure it’s definitely the one you want especially if you want a large canvas print to make the focal point of a particular room.

All we say is if you want a canvas print from a photo you may have make sure it’s the highest resolution, we recommend at least a 500kb file for printing but the bigger the original file the high quality canvas print will be and the more detail will become apparent when transferred to canvas so go back to the source and get the original (Facebook and internet images are very low resolution and don’t make good canvas prints). Ultra Print has become one of the largest canvas printing companies in the UK and will be here for years to come. If you want a photo transferred to canvas, No problem just take your time and don’t just choose the first image that falls out of the draw, Choose one with meaning and depth, one that will make you smile every single time you pass it.