There's no doubt about it, choosing the right photo to print onto canvas is no easy task! Once you’ve chosen the image(s) you want, the biggest choice you'll need to make is between having it printed in glorious technicolour or whether to go for a more understated black and white style - take a look at our full range of printing options. While the photo itself may dictate this to a certain degree, the interior design of your home will also have a massive bearing on what will work and what will look out of place.

dog black and white picture

Colour for warmth

Many contemporary homes are occupied by owners who like the clean and clinical interiors chosen by many stylish, modern professionals. Modern interior design tends to lean towards black or grey and white, plain walls, no clutter and simple furnishings. In this instance, one of our larger canvases is often the better choice, as it can fill an empty space, offering one statement piece that will have real impact in an otherwise bare room. This splash of colour can transform a wall and add a little oasis of comfort that will take the edge off the starkness.

same image colour and black and white comparison

While you could choose a black and white version of your photo for this type of interior, it’s at risk of being lost on a large white space. If you’re not a fan of out and out colour, you can always opt for a sepia print as a compromise. This will give you a bit of warmth and allow your canvas to stand out as a separate entity to the wall, but without it looking too garish or bright.

Black and white for the busy home

Of course on the other side of the fence, where the home decor may veer to the colourful or where walls may be adorned with complicated, patterned wallpaper, less is probably more. While you can certainly find a colour photo to print that will complement the existing decor, you may find that it confuses the already busy room, or simply barely gets noticed while it fights against the other colours and patterns around it. A series of smaller black and white canvas prints or one large piece can look great in this kind of room. It will draw the eyes and offer a moment of calm in an otherwise hectic environment.

5 split canvas hanging on wall behind sofa

Of course this is only a rough guide; you know your house, where you want your canvas print to live and what kind of overall effect you want to achieve. Do bear in mind that there is also a third option too – you can always have a largely black and white photo, with some colour accents to highlight certain features or elements of the picture. This could be the ideal compromise if you find black and white too flat, but don’t want something too colourful. If you have trouble visualising what your image would look like in black and white or even sepia for that matter, why upload your photo into our online preview tool and view it in real time.


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