Great family days out to capture on canvas

family enjoying walk in woodland

Some of you might have noticed that we seem to be getting a bit of summer sunshine at last - which means we're all more likely to be heading out with the family for fun days and special trips. This, in turn, provides plenty of photo opportunities - take your camera and capture a fabulous family shot to immortalise your loved ones on a canvas print!

Sound like a plan? Here’s a little inspiration for things to do on sunny days...






  • Family farm fun - urban farms (and, of course, those in the countryside!) are great places to visit, especially with little ones in tow. If you check before you go, you can coincide your visit with feeding time - and often, the kids will be allowed to help. While this alone can result in some great pictures for your canvas, you can also line them up on straw bales as a seat, play peek-a-boo from behind the pigsty, snap them stood by some epic farming machinery, or position them by a fence with a cute cow or donkey saying hello over the top. Great, nature-centric images that will look stunning on your wall.

  • Manor houses - wherever you live in the UK, you're bound to have some kind of manor house or stately home situated locally. Often cheap to get in, with beautiful grounds and formal gardens, there are untold opportunities to photograph the family in these kinds of places – whether inside or out.

  • Ruins - from half-derelict abbeys to crumbling castles, ruins offer incredibly interesting backdrops for photos. Take a picnic and some ball games and snap away with the building in the background or interact with history and get them peering out from where there once were windows or shoot them under an ornate archway as the sun sets. You'll have plenty of settings to choose from.

  • Churches and churchyards - moody, atmospheric, peaceful, poignant. Maybe a bit morbid for some, but you can't deny the beauty of these buildings and the intensity they can add to a family shot.

  • Woodland walks - sun dappled forest floors; flowers, plants and trees everywhere; gnarled trunks to act as a makeshift seat... Take your loved ones and little ones out for a walk in the woods and you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll come home with a memory card filled with wonderful, well, memories! A great way to bring the outdoors in when you print a picture like this onto canvas and hang it up on your wall. family on beach together


  • Big blue skies - want to frame the family against a vast expanse of the bluest blue? Get them to the top of a hill or a cliff (stay away from the edge!), get on the floor and take the picture at an upwards angle from this prone position - you'll have their smiling faces, some green grass and beautiful skies as your background!


Remember to take a little tripod with you if possible or to set the camera on timer and jump in the photo yourself – a family canvas wouldn’t be the same without you!