Stunning 3 way split canvas

Stunning 3 way split canvas

If you have ever wondered how your images are turned into canvas prints, look no further, this article will tell you everything.

Firstly you will be welcomed by one of the easiest and most user friendly upload services know in this industry of canvas printing, here you can upload you image and choose everything from size, colour, frame size and bleed options in a matter of seconds. Once you are happy with your canvas print just tell us where you want it sending to and sit back and relax as this is where we take over.

We receive all orders placed through the website within a matter of seconds on our admin system and just to make sure, we also get emails sent from our servers informing us of your order.

This is the stage where our highly skilled print team come into action, turning your beloved images in to canvas prints to last a life time. They receive your original image so that they can work with the full uncropped image, armed with your order details they will get the best out of the image you have uploaded, making sure your canvas prints look the best they can on your wall.

Once all work has been carried out on your image it is sent over to our printers for ripping (ripping is the process of turning your canvas prints into files that our printers can recognize) this process can take anything from a couple of seconds, to an hour depending on the size of the canvas prints. All canvas prints are grouped together in a nesting program to make sure the minimal amount of canvas is wasted. Once the print team is happy everything is ready to go we start the printers on their merry way. Each printer has been profiled to give the quickest print time possible without jeopardising any quality, the reason for this is to make sure you get high quality canvas prints ever time you order and so that we stick to our 24hour dispatch guarantee.  Once your image has been printed we will check over the canvas prints to make sure no defects lie in the canvas, we also allow it to dry while our highly skilled craftsmen put you frame together.

Each frame is hand crafted to ensure the highest quality possible for your canvas prints and ensuring it lasts a lifetime.

Your frames and canvas prints are grouped together and stretch by our experienced team of stretchers who, will also check over your canvas prints before and after stretching to once again ensure no defects lie in the canvas.

Lastly your canvas prints go to our dispatch team, here we wrap your canvas prints in layers of bubble wrap, double corrugated card and brown paper to help in protect it during transit.

We do all of this within 24 hours keeping a high level of quality, which ensures you get the best canvas prints on the market today.