Ever since Andy Warhol burst onto the Pop Art scene in the 1960s, it has become a staple wall hanging in many a home across the UK.

Wall art and Pop art canvas prints are a contemporary means of decorating sitting rooms. They are popular because a stylish piece of wall art is a great way to make a plain wall look much more interesting.

Wall art comes in many shapes and forms. It can be a print of a pop art image you love, or it can be created from a personal image that means something to you.

Fun and entertaining wall art can include kittens, puppies and children. The fashionable look at the moment is to have strong black accents within an iron-work frame. Striking black and white photos are a natural choice for a modern and sophisticated look.

For a more relaxed environment, you could select artwork composed of neutral, earthy colours and a horizontal landscape subject. You can even mix and match different styles to create something original: e.g. using a modern black iron frame to house a traditional black and white photo print.

Of course, striking wall art is not just about the image: it's about where you display the image. To create a modern art gallery feel, give each piece ample breathing space. Hallways, lobbies and stairwells are usually excellent places to hang wall art. Stand at the centre of the first piece and take one swift, or two small steps along the wall - this will often be a good spot to hang the second piece.