Gina has used our service here at yourimage2canvas and is this month’s featured photographer.  She has a fantastic portfolio of work from weddings to derelict properties and fashion shots.

Gina started her career as a photographer whilst working on cruise ships, capturing the magic moments from peoples holidays whilst at the same time taking in the beautiful cities and landscapes from around the globe. All this gave her the inspiration to make photography a major part of her life.


Gina has won numerous awards for her creativity and style of photographs, the above photo recently won her the title of “Professional Photographer of the year” by Hitachi in the Driven Creativity competition.

 In recent years she has begun to develop a fine art career in “Urban Exploring”. She has photographed a large range of sites up and down the country, and in her words “breathing life into the neglected and finding beauty in decay”. She features derelict asylums, closed schools, ex-military compounds and famous city power stations.

 “I love beautiful lighting and natural expressions. I love a challenge. I believe in teamwork, good communication and fun times! Any opportunity to make someone happy and to enjoy life, is an opportunity well taken for me. I believe in my photography and that the experience you receive, whatever shoot you have with me, will make you enjoy life that little bit more, and the photos you receive will make you happy for a long time to come.” – Gina Soden

 More information on Gina can be found by visiting her website here. Or you can catch up with her on Facebook or Twitter.