We’ve touched on this before about our frames. The wood we use for your canvas print is sourced from managed forests and each frame handmade for each print by our experienced craftsman. Each frame is cut to a precise 45° angle; using a mitre guillotine ensuring each frame lines up perfectly. The mitre guillotine is not a cheap piece of equipment this uses state of the art precision cutting to ensure a perfect cut every time, this machine uses a blade not a saw so the edges never splinter and we can get a perfect cut to the mm every time, perfect for our without bleeds (white edges). All the wood is bevelled on one edge to a 4mm bevel to ensure to frame lines are never visible and make our canvas prints bang like a drum when stretched. Our frames are underpined, were a solid metal wedge is inserted to hold the bars together, this results in no visible stables in the frames and gives a more solid finish and makes the frames look perfect even from the back.


Our frames take time to build and our not pre made stretcher bars, our frames are built in house for each print ensuring our without bleeds are just what they’re supposed to be without bleeds. We have used this technique for the last 4 years and have never had a complaint about sagging.  We are a company not afraid to try new ideas when it comes to improving our service, we use state of the art digital printing techniques combined with precision tools and great craftsmanship to produce the highest quality stretched canvas in the UK. Some companies claim there stretcher bars to be all and end all of canvas printing, This is not true it all starts with a quality base canvas, We use 100% pure cotton canvas perfect for canvas printing, if your canvas print is stretched right in the first place then there’s no reason it would ever sag or need tightening. Our canvasses are built to last a lifetime not a few years they will be hung in our customers’ homes for years to come, they have to be perfect!