Giclee over dye sublimation any day

There are three main types of canvas print and lots of different ways of stretching and printing them canvas pictures are not always what they seem

Canvas Prints have been around now for just over 7 years, Yourimage2canvas was one of the first canvas print companies to come about. We specialise in creating quality bespoke canvas prints at a price that is affordable to all. Right from the start we have offered a very competitive price on canvas prints. We don’t believe in charging ridiculous prices for canvas prints. There are other companies out there that use cheap quality polyester canvas to print onto which doesn’t hold the ink well or even have the feel of a quality canvas prints. We only ever use 420gsm 100% pure cotton canvas which believe me if you ring any other canvas company theirs will be far less than this. This is a very expensive material and most companies cut cost with their materials to offer there canvas prints cheaper than else were. We never do we’ve built up a very good relationship with suppliers over the last 7 years and which in turn means we can offer very competitive prices without compromising the quality of our canvas prints.

Canvases really started to come into their element when Epson introduced the first large format printers with speed like the Epson 9600 and the Epson 9800 and 9880. These print machines were the first to use inks that would last and give photographic performance every time. These were cost effective to run and canvas prints came out looking like vibrant studio photographs.

Canvas Prints from these machines look stunning and the inks will last 75 years. Alongside the canvas media we use the canvas prints will look stunning and last a lifetime.

There are other forms of Canvas prints using Dye Sublimation. Dye sublimation takes a sheet of transfer paper as you used to use to make t-shirts. The image is then printed onto the transfer paper and laid flat over a real woven canvas. The canvas and the transfer paper are then rolled through a gigantic heated roller until the image is pressed and heated into the weave of the canvas. This however is a very dated way to make canvas prints. Were in the 21st century and the technology from the Epson Printers that we use is the only way forward for canvas prints. The end result is a picture that does not need any varnish and is vibrant beyond belief. One can still see the weave of the canvas prints but they are filled with ink instead of simply laying on top of the canvas. The Epson quality canvas prints that are produced are far more vibrant than the Dye sublimation canvas prints. Turn your photos into canvas art with ultra-print