Selecting a series of photos for printing

So you've got a big blank wall that you've decided to fill with your personal photos printed on canvas - but how do you select the right series of images to populate the space? Random images that hold special memories is obviously the easiest way, but with a little forethought and effort, you can get your wall looking super slick and build a set of photos that really go together and create the perfect canvas prints.

With each of the following suggestions, you can either opt for a series of smaller, individual canvases, or you could organise your photos into a collage and have them printed onto one big canvas, depending on the size and shape of the wall you're hanging your images on. A large canvas works better for a big, blank space on a square wall, whereas you may prefer to choose several separate pictures if your chosen space is longer, such as a hallway or landing.

Our top 5 favourite ideas for a series of snaps

  1. Keen or regular traveller? Why not document your adventures abroad by choosing your favourite photo from each holiday? If you can find something that really encapsulates the culture or shows a well known landmark then that's even better! You can put them up in date order, organised by distance from home, or just hang them in the most aesthetically pleasing way you can find!

  2. Family orientated? If you tend to take group photos at family events, you can take visitors on a journey through the ages by selecting a group family photo from every year - Christmas and birthdays are probably the best bet, because these are the times families tend to gather. It'll show how your family has grown and changed over the years and will offer you a happy trip down memory lane every time you walk past your prints.

  3. Rogues gallery - we've all got funny photos and embarrassing images of our friends and family. Why not choose one for each person you want to feature in your very own 'rogues gallery' and print them up? They may give you some stick for it next time they visit, but it's a great way to raise a smile and keep your nearest and dearest always close. Similarly, you could stage your shots for your very own 'comedy hall of fame'! Next time you see your loved ones, get them to pull their funniest faces and capture them on camera. Then choose your favourites for a goon’s gallery of hilarious photos that really bring their personalities to life. Of course you can always adapt this idea and simply opt for a series of lovely, smiling headshots!

  4. Linked in - for a touching series of prints that show the dynamics and relationships in your family, stand them, 2 at a time, in front of a plain background and ask them to face each other, almost nose to nose, for a few photos. Then you can set these images up in a series, going from kids, to parents, to grandparents. If you can do it so the person on the right in one picture is on the left in the next, even better. You can even include pets!

  5. Feeling creative? Take a mug shot of each family member you want on your wall and Photoshop them into individual 'wanted' posters. You can be as silly or sweet as you like when listing their 'crimes' - highlight their funniest or weirdest traits or simply say 'wanted for the best cuddles in the world' or something else with a more loving angle. Let your imagination run riot and get the whole family involved - it'll give you a great evening of entertainment as well as some brilliant finished prints!

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