Thousands of parents will be waving goodbye to their off spring in the coming few weeks, as the university year starts, and many will want to send them off with a gift.

Instead of the usual pots and pans and other practical but equally uninspiring gifts, why not consider a canvas print that will adorn the walls of their student digs bedroom and make them think of home?

If you have a large family, consider taking a great photograph with everyone in it (including pets) and uploading it to a Yourimage2canvas. The canvas printing firm can then print this heartwarming image onto a canvas print of any size – although you may want to keep the size reasonably small in this case!

Canvas prints are superior to photographs because they enhance an image and are more hard-wearing.

Students are constantly moving houses and rooms and are often coming back home with all their gear during the holidays, but a canvas print will easily stand up to being packed away and re-hung many times. This means the print will last throughout your child’s course and for many years afterwards.

If you think a family portrait might not go down too well with your son or daughter, getting a print made of one of their best shots taken during their gap year, or of their favourite movie poster or musical artist, will be a welcome gift.