Smart phones

Back in the day when camrea phone's first emerged the quality was only good enough to view on your phone. Having one of the photos printed would result in a poor quality and pixelated print result. Not anymore.

Smart phones have become the leading phone by most comsumers. In the past year we have seen the camera quality on these phones increase from 3 mega pixels to a whopping 12 mega pixels on some handsets. This means better image quality and detail, which in turn means better print results should you want your photos printing.

Sometimes capturing that precious moment in time is lost when you don't have your digital camera to hand. We all have our phone to hand and now with these smart phones having a fantastic picture quality, these images we take can be transformed into stunning photos or even canvas prints.

Previously phones with a maximum of 3 mega pixels, your photos from your phone would not even be suiteble for even the smallest canavs print (4x6). However now with the release of these high quality camreas with the averaqge jpeg size being 3mb, your images on your phone can now be transferred into stunning canvas prints upto 40x30 inches with NO Quality Drop.

Not only can you take great high quality photos with these cameras, you can even surf the web. At Ultra Print Ltd you can log on to their website from your smart phone and upload and order your photos to canvas direct from your mobile phone (provinding your smart phone allows Flash player).  This technology means you can order your prints anytime, and from any location!