Spring has nearly sprung and while it may take a few weeks for the weather to catch up with the calendar, there’s no harm in letting a little sunshine and seasonal positivity into your surroundings. Although the skies may still be tinged with grey, you can put a real spring in your step with the promise of better things to come – and a few quick changes to your decor can be all it needs to lighten the mood.

We’ve talked in previous blogs about refreshing your interiors by simply swapping your canvas prints periodically and how changing with the seasons can give you a regular decor overhaul without breaking the bank. So now that spring is upon us, what kind of canvas art is going to make the difference?

photo of flower in spring

Spring is all about new life, blooming flowers and an injection of colour – so these are the themes you want to think about when choosing an image for your seasonal canvas. Whether you’re going to pop your picture up in the kitchen, or warm up your office or company reception area with some signs of spring, you need to match the image with the existing colour palette to give some uniformity and make sure it fits in - mixing it up every few months is all well and good but it still needs to complement the overall style of your room. Think about the pyschology of the colours you choose.

Flowers are always a popular choice for canvas prints and are definitely suitable for this time of year - think about the types of flowers that start springing into life around now such as pansies, daffodils, snowdrops, lilac, irises, crocuses and tulips – or even a blanket of bluebells on a forest floor. Even if your visitors don’t notice this seasonal change explicitly, it’s very likely that the subliminal message of brighter skies and longer days will seep into their subconscious and make them feel a little happier.

Perhaps not such a great idea for a work environment, but for animal lovers, you could try a cute canvas print of a duckling or chick, or perhaps a baby rabbit in a field of golden flowers? Birds are also a great choice, so you could choose an image of a skylark, song thrush or robin, all of which are out in force at this time of the year.

Adding a new and inspiring image to your walls can be a real boon to both mood and productivity, which is especially valuable in the workplace. It also shows your friends, clients or staff that you have your finger on the pulse and embrace change. Perking up your interiors with a spring picture or 2 will definitely breathe some new life into the atmosphere – so what are you waiting for?!

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