Stretching and framing canvas prints is very delicate process and you have to have an eye for perfection. We use some very simple tools to stretch your canvas buts its more to do with the staff that create your canvas to how well it comes out. When were founded seven years ago we used nothing more than are pair of pliers, a Stanley knife and a staple gun from or local DIY shop.

In fact there is nothing wrong with using these items, we could still use these to make a perfect canvas print it just may take a little longer and need a bit more patience. We upgraded our workstation when demand grew larger, to be honest back then we all ended up with blisters on our fingers from the manual staple guns and really that’s all that’s changed in the tools we use. It’s down to the individual stretching to make sure it’s lined up prefect, stretched as tight as it will go and make sure everything is neat and tidy. These tools are important for canvas printing but the most important factor of canvas printing is the base canvas, the frames, the inks, the software used and the most important the large format printers. If you want to have a go at stretching your own canvas we even offer 30% for unframed canvas prints, so why not have ago yourself then you really can say you have truly created a bespoke piece of canvas art all we say is take your time and be careful, It’s the way we have done it for seven years just taken out time and concentrate on the job in front of us there’s no pint I rushing a job like this it will be hung on a wall for years to come they have to be perfect.