Gone are the days when "photo album" conjured up images of heavy leather volumes with 6" x 4" prints glued onto the pages. Nowadays, photo albums are digital: stored online and shared with friends and family via Flikr, Facebook and the like.

If photos are printed, there is an array of materials and products onto which images can be printed. One of the most popular choices is canvas printing. With so many images stored online, people are more and more selective about which images they print.

Meanwhile, the photos stored online never lose clarity or colour, and are never lost or damaged.

Online photo storage is very useful when it comes to canvas printing: the original images can be uploaded, via a mobile phone or a digital camera, then edited and stored online. The chosen image(s) can then be emailed to the canvas printing company to reproduce onto canvas. If more than one canvas print is required, or the original is lost or damaged, it will be easy to access the digital file so that another print can be ordered.

Because running out of film is no longer an issue we are taking many more images with our digital cameras than we ever did with our film cameras. This has led to a boom in demand for services such as canvas printing: people are able to take as many shots of their desired subject as they need to and can select the one that looks best in order to showcase it on canvas.