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Personalised canvas prints – the perfect Christmas gift

With only 6 weeks left until Christmas, we've put together some great ideas for personal canvas print Christmas gifts for you. They're a great way of showing you care and sending something that will really pull on the heart strings!

Touch up an old photo - before the days of digital, people had quite literally one shot at capturing a moment on camera and printing the results. Unfortunately, over time, photographs deteriorate. If you have older relatives, why not dig out an old wedding photo or similar and have it professionally retouched, before printing the new, improved version into canvas?

Collage - we love a canvas collage here at Your Image 2 Canvas! Collate lots of photos of the recipient’s family and friends and put them together ready for printing. If you start now, you even have time to enlist the help of those you want to involve - how about a new picture of everyone you want to include, perhaps with them waving, blowing kisses and making a heart shape with their hands? Stick them all together with some basic editing software and get the finished collage printed on a large canvas - every time the receiver looks at the print, they'll be reminded of all the people in their life that love them. You could even include pets!

Hobbies - show someone you really understand what makes them tick by printing a picture that represents their main hobby or pastime. You could even create a 'still life' picture by gathering a collection of related items for a more stylised image.

Photo with text overlay/poem - using an old picture or collage as above, you can add in some text for an extra personalised element. Maybe lyrics from a couple's first wedding dance, a reading from the ceremony, or a message or self-penned poem from you to them.

Family tree - you don't need to be an expert to create a simple yet effective family tree. Just insert an image of each family member into a digital document and link them with lines and a heading for each showing their names and birth/death dates.

Old and new photos - show an individual or couple how far they've come, by printing an old and new photo together on the same canvas.

Photo of special place - places can evoke strong memories, so choose somewhere that means a lot to the recipient, such as the church they got married in or some photos from their honeymoon destination.

Baby love – if you have a baby or toddler, why not wrap them up for Christmas?! Ok, we’re not really suggesting that you should give them away as a gift, but you can sit them in a box wrapped in paper and take some cute photos of them to print. While it’s a Christmas present, it may be better to use a more generically styled paper though, so that the canvas looks just as good on the wall for the rest of the year and not just over the festive season.