Custom Canvas Options

custom canvas prints

Yourimage2canvas offers a wide range of different options you can choose from when ordering your custom canvas, we can produce any size canvas you require and we have a set of the largest wide format printers in the digital print market and can print a massive 55" wide by any length. You are guaranteed that if you order a canvas print from us it will be of the highest quality, lowest prices and we can get you it there the very next day!

Fully Customisable Canvases

You can customise your canvas print in many ways to get it perfect for you but quality comes as standard, We print at 1440DPI (Dots Per Inch) the highest resolution available ensuring your picture is bright, vibrant and crisp the way it’s meant to be. 

All photos are printed using Epson K3 Ultra chrome inks on 415 gsm 100 % cotton canvas. Every single canvas print we produce looks like a million dollar piece ready for display in any environment

We don't save any costs by lowering quality. We only produce high end 1440DPI prints to please our customers.

Same image just different choices

As you can see we can take the same image and change the colour, frame depth or size to make the finished canvas print unique to you, built the way you want it, No longer are we held back by limits if you want your canvas a certain way, no problem, we can manufacture it just the way you want it.

fully customisable canvases

Choice of canvas print sizes

Any size print your require

We can produce any size canvas print you require, we print as small as a 4" by 4" canvas to a massive 55" by any length. This really does give you the option to fill any blank space on your walls with a truly stunning canvas print.





Frame depth

Frame depth

We offer 2 different types of frame 1" (These are not exact the actual dimensions are 3/4 inch) thickness and 2" (These are not exact the actual dimensions are 1 1/2 inch) thickness, the choice is just down to preference, how far from the wall you want it to sit.


Tip: For smaller canvas prints we recommend 1" unless you want a museum look to your canvas print




Colour choice

Colour choice

We offer 3 different colour choices: Full colour, Black and white and sepia. All these look stunning, again it just depends on the surroundings of where it will be hung or what type of look you are going for.





Stunning colour garment

Beautiful colours

No matter what colour you choose to have your canvas, we guarantee the colour will be intense and vibrant as the original image. The colours on our canvas are truly stunning due to the high quality 100% bright white pure cotton canvas.





Different wrap types

Wrap choices

The wrap is simply the side of the canvas that makes it box like. We do offer a wide variety of choices, with bleed (image continues around the side as seen in the image), white edges, colour or mirror wrap (image is mirrored so none of the original image is lost on the sides.

The Gallery Wrap is standard and shows the photo around the sides.

The White & Black Wrap are a good solution for photos that are not well suited for Gallery Wrap. Colour wrap allows you to choose any colour you like.



Split panel canvases

Split panels

For a more unique look why not have your photo split into panels, it truly does look like a piece of art when hung on a wall. You can choose as many panels as you wish. If you want to see what yours would look like as a split then please get in touch we would be more than happy to talk about it with you.




Our canvas prints are all about quality. We want to show you the true quality of our photos to canvas before you buy, they say a picture can say a thousand words so rather than talking about our product we have decided to show you as much as possible. Our canvas prints look just as good in real life as they do in the photos.

Canvas print been held by yourimage2canvas staff member

We have tried to show you as many pictures of our canvas prints as possible throughout the site, we want to show you the true quality of our prints and therefore have used real pictures of our products.